Caitlin + Zach | Los Angeles Engagement

Happy Friday my loves! So for those who follow me on social media, you might remember that I decided to kick off 2016 with a giveaway! What better way to celebrate newly engaged couples over the holidays than with a chance to win a FREE engagement session done by yours truly :) The response was great, and with the help of  random picking curtesy of the husband we had 2 winners! This past month I had the opportunity to shoot these couples and let me tell you it was an amazing time. Which brings me today to share one of these sessions - Caitlin & Zach. Like any good (blind) date at Starbucks, we met and right off the bat just hit it off with these two. I mean seriously they are perfect for one another and just the sweetest couple to be around. We started to brainstorm ideas for their engagement and at the end decided to shoot around their Los Feliz/ Silverlake neighborhood, and let me tell you it was all kinds of good!

Caitlin + Zach, thanks so much for letting me capture such a special time in your lives! xo Here are some of my favorite from our day...


When planning their session, one thing we knew was that we wanted to do was get some photos with their fur baby - Duncan. This little dude has been such a big part in their lives including Zach's proposal to Caitlin... how cute is this little family!


Always laughing <3

silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-006silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-008silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-009 silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-011silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-012

One of my favorites of their day.. Of course Duncan had to be part of it.

silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-013silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-014<3 silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-016hello gorgeous! silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-018


Duncan needed some solo camera time... loved him!


'but there's nowhere to go' ... as along as you have each other, trust me all is good :)

silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-020silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-021silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-022quick outfit change, just in time to explore more of their neighborhood. Hmm... can we please talk about that front door in their home, how cute is that!! I need this. #orangeisthenewred silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-024

family :)


well hello models.. can we do this everyday?!

silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-027silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-028silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-029Beautiful Caitlin silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-031

lovers and bougainvillea... yes please!!

silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-032silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-033silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-034silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-035These two, just killing it. A favorite that's for sure. silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-037silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-038silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-039silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-040silverlake-losfeliz-losangeles-engagement-042