Ama + Apa | Bridgeport, Texas

Happy New Year's everyone! One of my biggest goals for 2016 is to actually blog more and what better way to start of the year than blogging these images of the most amazing people I know -- you guessed it, my mom + dad! I was able to spend some time back in Texas this past week. (yay!) On New Year's morning, my dad invited me and my mom to go out riding in the ranch... of course being the annoying daughter with the fancy camera I decided to bring it along and actually snap a couple of them :) Here are some of my favorite - I feel that these capture exactly who they are and after so many years together you can see how much they love each other. Im blessed to have such an amazing example of what marriage is all about.. in the good and the bad that life sends... just roll with the punches TOGETHER, talk about #RelationshipGoals

Apa getting the horses ready...


Ama + Apa <3


My mom has been sick for a couple of years now, we thank our lucky stars for her health and the fact that she still has the energy to deal with all our craziness. No one has been more supportive or had taken care of her better than my dad. This is them, no setup - just them. Los Viejitos and yes any chance for my dad to joke around and make everyone laugh is a given around here.


I love this one, especially with their dogs around... these two would follow them anywhere!


Oh hay!! :)


One of my favorites of the day... those that know my dad know he is such a jokester, so of course here he is whistling at his 'viejita' lol


blurry but perfect.


gandara_blog024gandara_blog025gandara_blog026Lets go riding! yay gandara_blog028gandara_blog029gandara_blog030

Seriously I was not joking about those dogs lol

gandara_blog031gandara_blog032What this picture doesn't show is how COLD we all were... can't feel my hands! gandara_blog034


Happy 2016 - here is to health, love & happiness



Diana | San Diego Lifestyle Session

Summer has come and gone -- now October means playoffs and World Series. Yes Im talking about Baseball! I love this sport and honestly don't know any other girl that loves it more than I do than my dearest friend Diana. My Texas sista as my family has 'adopted' not only loves baseball but actually made it her personal goal to visit all 30 MLB stadiums across the USA (and Canada!) prior to her turning 30!! So when you get a random text saying she will be in town this summer to do the California portion of her trip, you jump right into joining her fun (crazy) adventure.  We drove down to San Diego for stadium visit 11 - prior to the game, we had time to roam the streets of downtown, here are just a few from the day. Of course it just happened that the Rangers were also in town for the game :) C86A4911C86A4917C86A4923C86A4932C86A4954C86A4959C86A4964C86A4960C86A4966

Now only 18 to go sista! xo



New Site! | Life Lately...

Where did August go?! Its the last day of the month and cannot believe how fast this month has blown by. As you might had seen on Instagram/ Facebook a few weeks ago I got myself a brand new (super awesome) website up... oh yea and that tiny little thing happen... I QUIT my job to pursue photography 100% (hollllaaa!!!) For those who have commented, emailed, texted me your support and have been through all my mental breakdowns...GUYS I THANK YOU!! live

The number one question I get now is "how does it feel" If Im honest with myself and the 2.5 people out there reading this...this month has been the most terrifying YET exciting one. Going from waking up at 4:15am mon-fri, commuting a minimum of 3 hours daily and still come home make dinner and edit/ answer emails till midnight on most night can take its toll. Luckily I have an AMAZING support system around me and the time came for me to purse my dreams and real passion. Im so excited to see what god and the future has in toll for me... If someone would had told me this 2 years ago, even just last year I would have laughed (and cried) because it just sounds too good to be true. Not going to lie, its still all an adjustment... I tell myself to take it day by day, and make shit happen! #GIRLBOSS There is so much I will be stay tuned!

So now on to that new site... guys have you seen it? Im so in love with it and this blog!! Of course months ago when I used to daydream about my business and what I wanted it to look like I started to do my research and every time it lead me back to Promise and the rest of the girls at Go Live HQ. When I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level I decided to sign up for their 2 day workshop... what better way to kick off the month! Here are just a few images of those two day... a special thanks to Kate Noelle for the lovely images and the rest of the sponsors of the #goliveexperince

how cute are these girls!! Best design team ever... I have such a crush <3


On day one, Kate took some headshots -- Its so surreal to be in front of the camera! :)




Special shout out to this lady! Jamie totally got me from the minute we started to work together. She took all my crazy ideas, sprinkled her magic and BAM my site became a reality.


Of course on day 2 we end with a Launch party/ make the weirdest face possible to human


Everything is better with some bubbly :)


Special shout out to the incredible TALENTED ladies (and Mark :)) who attended this workshop and made the experience extra special!