Ama + Apa | Bridgeport, Texas

Happy New Year's everyone! One of my biggest goals for 2016 is to actually blog more and what better way to start of the year than blogging these images of the most amazing people I know -- you guessed it, my mom + dad! I was able to spend some time back in Texas this past week. (yay!) On New Year's morning, my dad invited me and my mom to go out riding in the ranch... of course being the annoying daughter with the fancy camera I decided to bring it along and actually snap a couple of them :) Here are some of my favorite - I feel that these capture exactly who they are and after so many years together you can see how much they love each other. Im blessed to have such an amazing example of what marriage is all about.. in the good and the bad that life sends... just roll with the punches TOGETHER, talk about #RelationshipGoals

Apa getting the horses ready...


Ama + Apa <3


My mom has been sick for a couple of years now, we thank our lucky stars for her health and the fact that she still has the energy to deal with all our craziness. No one has been more supportive or had taken care of her better than my dad. This is them, no setup - just them. Los Viejitos and yes any chance for my dad to joke around and make everyone laugh is a given around here.


I love this one, especially with their dogs around... these two would follow them anywhere!


Oh hay!! :)


One of my favorites of the day... those that know my dad know he is such a jokester, so of course here he is whistling at his 'viejita' lol


blurry but perfect.


gandara_blog024gandara_blog025gandara_blog026Lets go riding! yay gandara_blog028gandara_blog029gandara_blog030

Seriously I was not joking about those dogs lol

gandara_blog031gandara_blog032What this picture doesn't show is how COLD we all were... can't feel my hands! gandara_blog034


Happy 2016 - here is to health, love & happiness