5 Things :: Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Today I’m introducing a new blog series I hope to continue every week… 5 things currently inspired by, randomness I like, Things I want and just a little more about me:)


1:: Lately I been seeing more and more fun idea for Spring/ Summer nails. Oh forget the days of boring one-tone color nails…Ombre is the new cool kid in town

[Image via Pinterest]

2:: People that know me know that I’m a little obsessed with fashion, (OK a lot!!) so in light of that I’m still day dreaming from all the yummy Fall fashion runways that took place just a few weeks ago. I found these Nina Ricci glasses on twitter the other day…I’m a little in love with this over the top #nerdychic look.

[Images via Style Bistro]

3:: Love this DIY idea! Great for a wedding or simply for a statement piece in your home

[Image via Green Wedding Shoes]

4:: Love these quotes written on post-it notes. Great daily inspiration to have around the house.

[Image via Pinterest]

5:: My current obsession right now is the ‘Draw Something’ app on my iPad. I am far from being a great artist, but this game is addicting and so much fun. I kept hearing from friends about draw something drawings that are amazing…Good old Google what would I do without you. Yea to say that my drawings look anything like this would be the understatement of the decade;)

[Images via Google]

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